If you did not build the portal yet, please, consider the following factors to check if your practice may benefit from it.

Making introverts happy

Many people don’t like live communication, especially with strangers. So allow your patients convenient self-service that they may use without calling or writing to your office. They will feel more comfortable and open to using it. And you may have more appointments.

Making the ‘digital generation’ happy

If young people are an important client segment for you, don’t neglect their habits and expectations. They are used to the internet, applications, and chats. And they may consider those who do not offer this convenience as dinosaurs.

Patient Portal is open 24/7

Your patients may have some needs outside of your business hours. They may want to book an appointment or send you some inquiries, which may later convert to a booking. Please don’t make them wait until the next business day. They may forget about their intention. Or they may feel better and less motivated to see you.

Decreases the number of phone calls

As some patients start using self-service, they will not need to call your reception. Consequently, your staff will have more time for other tasks, which may benefit your business. And when your practice grows, you may not need to increase the number of employees in the reception proportionally.

Do not limit it only to the appointment booking.

Your patients may communicate with your practice via the portal, and you can always check that your employees answer all the inquiries on time. In addition, you can exchange documents via the portal. Also, you can provide your patients with educational materials which are custom tailored for their individual needs.

All these factors can make your practice more efficient and convenient for some patients. And in their eyes, it may become an essential differentiator against your competitors.