Empower with AI

Unlock the full potential of your business with our cutting-edge AI technology. AI service can boost efficiency and accuracy and provide valuable insights for decision-making. We'll help you incorporate this technology into your existing applications or build a new one.

How Can AI Increase Business Efficiency?

Work with text

Artificial Intelligence became very good at text understanding and creation. It can read and classify your knowledge articles, sort incoming documents or emails, direct them to the right people or departments, etc. It can create drafts of documents or emails, populate knowledge bases, and reduce time spent on mundane tasks.

Next generation of search

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you can substantially improve the efficiency of searching your knowledge bases and document repositories. AI-powered search can understand your inquiries' context and deliver more accurate and relevant results.

Computer vision

You can use AI-driven image recognition to extract essential data from scanned documents or photos and then transmit this information to their business applications.

Voice to text

Voice recognition is another feature of AI that can make your life easier. You can quickly capture audio data and convert it into text, transcribing meeting records, customer support conversations, and even news from Youtube.

How can we help

We can help you make a strategy for harnessing the power of AI and decide about the best use of AI for your business. Also, we may help you implement it, connecting your apps to external AI services and training AI models to fit your needs.  

Just a few ideas:


Search through the contracts

Make navigating through contracts simple for your legal team. Struggling to find all the client agreements that include a specific clause with varying phrasing? AI-driven "semantic search" could be the answer. You can quickly locate any contract and its contents by searching according to its meaning.


Accelerate the Support Department

Optimize the work of your support agents by providing them with quickly accessible knowledge base articles that can answer clients' requests. Prepare a draft of the answer automatically based on the articles and the client's request.


Create a smart Q&A section

If you have a long list of Frequently Asked Questions that most people do not read, improve it with AI. Create a simple knowledge base behind the hood and let people ask questions in natural language. Let the AI do the magic based on your data.


Communicate to your prospective clients

Simplify the creation of individual follow-up emails and reminders based on the history of communication with a particular client and the context of their needs. Make these emails sound professional and unified with your corporate tone of voice


Process incoming emails automatically

If you receive tons of emails to shared mailboxes, train AI to classify them and forward them to the right people in your organization. AI can go even further and prepare draft answers to the email based on its content, your knowledge base, and the rules you define. Then, the responsible person will check it and send it out, saving time.

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Our tools

Each case is unique, and we carefully select an instrument that will be the best for your particular situation. But most frequently, we use one of these tools:


The technology behind the famous ChatGPT can be used for your business


A service that enables semantic search engines and work of AI based on your data

Google Vision

Computer vision service from Goole that helps with image recognition

Reinventors’ tools

Set of tools, developed by our agency to simplify training and fine-tuning of AI models

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Please, send us a message and we will schedule a call to tell more about us.

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