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Even though there are thousands of applications on the market, many businesses cannot find exactly what they need, doing lots of work manually and keeping their data in spreadsheets.

Why may you need to build custom applications?

Individual needs

You may miss an application that perfectly fits the overall picture. Maybe it does not integrate well with your other applications. Or perhaps your specific business processes are not covered well.

Competitive advantage

You may build a new digital service for your clients and overrun the old-school competitors.


We may help you build a custom application, which perfectly fits your landscape and does exactly what you want it to do. We combine the speed of development, which is provided by NoCode/LowCode platforms with the flexibility, allowed by traditional coding. It will help us to deliver sophisticated solutions substantially faster than using traditional approach only.

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Clients' portal

Many clients do not like making phone calls. Let them make a booking or reservation, access their individual information, or write you a message via a clients' portal. It will be available 27x7 and will save the time of your colleagues accepting the orders and answering typical questions by phone.


Smart cost calculator

If your product or service cost structure is complicated, you may create a special calculator, which will help your clients to make an estimation of your cost. If may automate your selling process and filter out clients, who do not have budget for your product.


Appointment scheduler

If your clients book appointments with you and standard functionality of existing systems does not meet your requirements, you may create your own. Waiting lists, clients' priorities, custom schedule of your specialists, conditional logic of scheduling? Your fantasy is the limit.

Our tools

Each case is unique, and we carefully select an instrument that will be the best for your particular situation. But most frequently, we use one of these tools:


NoCode platform for building of sophisticated web applications, which is targeted primarily on small and medium business.

MS Power Apps

Great choice for building of internal applications for those clients, who are already using other Microsoft products.


NoCode/LowCode Platform, which allows building external and internal web applications. Is GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

Traditional coding

We are using traditional programming languages, like JavaScript or Python, to enhance capabilities of NoCode and LowCode platforms.

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Please, send us a message and we will schedule a call to tell more about us.

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