Digital systems may do a lot, helping you manage your practice. An EHR (Electronic Health Record) system and an online booking of appointments are the most prominent examples. But there are other opportunities to optimize your business.

Patient Portal

Some EHR systems offer a patient portal as a part of their product. If you are already using it, have a look at our checklist to see if there is space for improvement:

Self-check for your patient's portal

If you are not using the patient portal yet, here are some ideas why you may benefit from it:

Why use the patient portal (3 ideas)

Analytical Center

When you are deeply involved in running the business, you may feel you control everything and know everything. And this may be true, especially when the practice is small. However, adding analytical data to your decision-making may help you achieve more.

Why do you need to control the KPI of your medical practice?

Knowledge base

Medical professionals are lifelong learners. Best doctors always read articles, participate in conferences, communicate with fellow practitioners, and do much more. But this is an individual development of each particular person. Building your digital knowledge management system may help you make learning to be teamwork.

Automatic patients' recall

If you work with patients who periodically need to visit for a follow-up appointment, think about your process, which reminds them about it. An automatic system of reminders may decrease the number of phone calls your reception makes during the day. And it may increase the number of appointments, which your patients would forget otherwise.

Document automation

Most probably, your practice generates lots of documents. Some of them require the creativity of a qualified professional. However, many documents may require just copy-pasting the data from some sources to a standard template. This work may be automated, decreasing the load on your employees.